Kdrama Devilish Joy is down to its last two episodes this week.

And we ended Episode 14 with Gong Ma Sung collapsing outside the house of Joo Gi Bbeum.

First of all, I am really wondering how his loss of short term memory would elicit those painful headaches that finally caused him to collapse in Episode 14. I cannot reconcile this dramatic end in the episode with his disease.

Anyway, all throughout the course of the drama, the writer has been consistent of the fact that Ma Sung’s disease is incurable and hopeless and it’s progressing rapidly to cause his death soon (I don’t really get how a memory problem would drastically cause death ;P). There have been no hints of a glimmer of possibility that the writer would reverse this death-threatening memory loss. Even Ma Sung himself did not bother to seek a second opinion of his illness, maybe because as a doctor, he knows he has run out of options.  It has been strongly established since Episode 2 that the disease is fatal.

The only issues  to be resolved in the last two episodes would be Ma Sung’s impending death and the upcoming arrest of Kim Beom Soo. I’m predicting the episodes 15 and 16 with these:

  1. Joo Gi Bbeum will recover her lost fame – pretty much established in the last episode.  She deserves nothing less.
  2. Gong Ki Joon will finally become a Hallyu Star due to his new girlfriend, Ha Im.
  3. Doctor Yoon might chicken out and would actually stand witness for Kim Beom Soo – he will testify that the memory of Ma Sung is unreliable because it is unstable.  In this case, the prosecution will disregard the evidence against Kim Beom Soo and he will walk away free. (Yaaa!).  I cannot make up my mind how I want things to end with Kim Beom Soo because putting him in jail is so slight a penalty for the grave crimes he had committed.
  4. Ma Sung’s Evil Aunt – will stand firm in her stone heart and fight Ma Sung until the very end… she will probably pay Kim Beom Soo just to silence him.
  5. Or, it could be that Doctor Yoon will not be swayed by Kim Beom Soo and will instead plot another scheme with the Evil Aunt to bid Kim Beom Soo goodbye for all eternity.
  6. And Ma Sung… Ma Sung will probably have an open ending – I’m picturing him with Gi Bbeum resting happily in his Healing Village and leaving us to conclude the drama with our own versions.

A Thousand Day’s Promise was a drama about early onset amnesia and the writer was brave enough to let Seo Yeon die of her disease in the end.  I cannot think of any more dramas involving memory/brain issues where the lead beat the disease.

My gut strongly tells me that Episode 16 will be light and happy for the couple and they would probably marry, with no happily ever after.  I am not ready to lose Ma Sung over his sickness, but a last minute miracle or even misdiagnosis would not fit in the flow.

Anyway, how could anybody dare to kill the character of super hot Choi Jin Hyuk?

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  1. fight Ma Sung! i want you to live and be happy with Joo Gi Bbeum!!! Don’t mind your evil Aunt, she will also have her own bad fate!


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