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Park Hyung Sik in Manila 2019?

Is Park Hyung Sik having a fan meeting in Manila?  Your guess is as good as mine.  This evening, in his Instagram post, Mr. Ben Chan posted a photo of Park Hyung Sik with the caption, “A Valentine gift from BENCH.  We’ve got something offensively good coming your way on February 16 and 17!  Save the date.”  At the same time, Benchtm, the clothing brand,…

(Review) Mr. Sunshine

It is a period drama of 24 episodes, about a small boy, who was born a slave but managed to escape to the United States during a U.S. expedition to Korea. After many years, he came back to his native land as an officer of the US Marine Corps. He meets an aristocrat’s daughter and they fall in love in a time where the country was threatened by colonization schemes by Japan and other countries.

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