A precautionary Hold Departure Order (PHDO) has been issued by the Davao City Regional Trial Court Branch 16 last July 1, 2019 against the officials of KAPA Ministry namely Joel Apolinario, Margie Danao, Reyna Apolinario, Catherine Evangelista Marisol Diaz, Rene Catubigan , Adelfa Fernandico and Moises Mopia.  The purpose of the PHDO is to prevent the said personalities from leaving the country and evade prosecution.

The precautionary Hold Departure Order was granted upon motion of the Department of Justice Prosecutors pending preliminary investigation in their office and before the information has been filed against the respondents in court. 

A PHDO differs from a Hold Departure Order in that the latter is issued only upon conclusion of preliminary investigation in the Prosecutor’s Office and the Information has been filed against an accused in court.

It can be recalled that the KAPA Ministry officials are under investigation for the charge of violating the Securities Regulation Code as filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  KAPA, otherwise known as Kapa-Community Ministry International Inc. is a Surigao del Sur-based religious corporation that was discovered to be soliciting investments from the public in a manner resembling a Ponzi scheme. 

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little or no risk to investors. This scheme generates returns for early investors by acquiring new investors.  This scheme collapses when there is no longer a consistent flow of money and the investors cash out.

As of date, the Department of Justice Secretary, Menardo Guevarra has threatened to make warrantless arrests on anyone who is caught soliciting or collecting investments for KAPA.

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  1. Yes, that is really the right way to do it. Hopefully, they haven´t exited at the back door….you know…the BACK DOOR????


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