Time flies so fast and Korean Variety Show, Master In The House aka All The Butlers, has turned one year old!

About this time last year, I remember reading about this new variety show that was supposed to be Lee Seung Gi‘s comeback to variety show upon completion of military duty.

At first look, it was clear that Seung Gi, who had the vast experience in variety shows, would be leading the whole bunch.  The four members felt random with Lee Sang Yoon practically a newbie to variety shows.  I knew Yook Sung Jae from his drama Goblin but I have never heard of Yang Se Hyung.

The first few episodes looked awkward because it was obvious they were trying their footing in the new format.  Lee Sang Yoon looked so out of place and he could barely blend in the conversations.  I was also a little bit irritated with Yang Se Hyung because aside from being loud, I couldn’t ride on his jokes.  I could literally feel the heavy weight on Seung Gi’s shoulders trying so hard to control the reigns of the new show.  Sung Jae, probably being the maknae, had the least of worries as he comfortably goes along with his hyungs.

Little by little, episode by episode, the four guys found their rightful places in the show and after forty-three (43) episodes, these guys have grown like real brothers making every episode of Master In the House feel like home – something that is cozy, dependable, permanent and a source of warmth.

Job well done, guys! Cheers to many more years! Chukahaeyo!

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