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Embassy of South Korea in the Philippines to strengthen visa screening

In June 3, 2019, it was reported by several news outlets in the Philippines that the Korean Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Han Dong-Man, mentioned that South Korea will be relaxing the process for visa applications for Filipinos.  The said development has raised the hopes of Filipinos that securing a tourist visa for South Korea will be simpler and easier.  However, in June 10, 2019,…

How to Renew Your US Non – Immigrant Visa Without Interview

I renewed my US non-immigrant visa recently under the interview waiver program.  This is a program for repeat visitors to the United States who need not appear for interview and need not submit supporting documents to renew their non-immigrant visas. I was able to use my previous 10-year multiple entry visa three times.  Before that, I entered through a single entry visa. Not all applicants…

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