Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol says Rice Tarrification Law will be used the Right Way

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Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol is confident that the rice Tarrification law will help increase rice production in the agriculture sector, according to Radio Mindanao Network website.

Agriculture Secretary Pinol also said that the law will not only increase rice production, but will also lower post harvest loss by 16{affa41581c539e77a889a6a46af960df9ff1c7424670374343af90ba11e244ac} since mechanization will be used in farming activity.

This 2019, government has allocated P3-B for purchase of high yielding seeds developed by IRRI at PhilRice which will be given to farmers in hopes that this will give an increase of 2-metric tons yield for every 1-million hectares in the first year of implementation of the program.

Also, a credit facility of P1-B is allotted to farmers for loans to buy fertilizers and other farm inputs while another P1-B will be for technical skills training to improve farming technology.

The secretary stated this information in the middle of the disinformation campaign against the purpose of the Rice Tarrification Act.

Source: Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol tiniyak na gagamitin ng tama ang rice tarrification law

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